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My Top 8 Knitting Notions and Tool's I couldn't live without!

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

When I first started knitting 8 years ago I had no idea what tools and notions I actually needed vs. the ones people were just using for fun. When you're starting any craft or hobby there is definitely an expense to it all. Thankfully with knitting, we can get away with needles and a ball of yarn for a long time. But what if we wanted to purchase some of those little notions? We first needed to figure out what were the essential tools knitters couldn't live without! Here's the list of my top 8 must haves.

Notions and Tools are a variety of small tools and accessories that can be used while knitting.


1. Interchangeable Needle Set and Case

The first thing is the needles. I couldn't live without an interchangeable needle set. When you are starting out knitting you may ask yourself if it's worth buying a full set or just buying the needles you need.

Having an interchangeable needle set can help you save money in the long run, and they don't have to be the most expensive ones on the market. There are many different needle companies that make sets from Knit Picks, Knitter's Pride, Chiaogoo, Hiya Hiya, Addi's, and more. These all come with different styles and prices to go along with it.

Some of these makers even sell some needles and cords separately which means if you aren't able to financially afford a whole set you could start by purchasing the needle tips and cord as you need them and build your own custom set. The reason I encourage you to buy the sets and not fixed cords is that you will be able to use multiple cords and needles together rather than having a few fixed needles you can only use for a specific project.

A needle set can also help you stay on the gauge when you're knitting a project, the different types of needles (wood, nickel, bamboo) can affect your gauge significantly. If you don't have the same brand of the needle on hand and use a different company your finished knitted piece may not look as it should.

My favorite Interchangeable needle set is Nickel Plated by Knit Picks. I've knit multiple projects with this set, they are light and feel amazing. They are also very affordable. You get 9 tips from a US 4 to US 10.

A needle case is great to ensure your needles are all in one place and stored correctly. I can't tell you how many times my needles were all over the house, in the couch, next to my bed, or in some other project bag. I love having a case specifically used for that interchangeable needle set.

I currently have the Knit Picks Clutch in Rose Gold and it's amazing!! Stores all the needles perfectly.

2. Ball Winder

This is a must-have for any knitter. I remember when I first started knitting every time I purchased a skein of yarn I had to go to my local yarn shop and wind it up before I could start knitting.

I remembered the day I got my ball winder and swift it changed my life! If you're looking to purchase you're first one, Knit Picks has a ball winder for 19.99$ US which is also great!

3. Yarn Swift

Alright if you're tired of asking your significant other or family member to hold out their arms while you're trying to wind up your skein of yarn, get a yarn swift!! This makes the process so much easier and lasts years.

I have the Knit Picks Birch Yarn Swift and I absolutely love it!

4. Tapestry Needles

This is something you can never have too many of! You will need them for every single project you knit on to weave in your ends. They end up everywhere in my house!

You can purchase these everywhere and they are very inexpensive. I would suggest getting multiple sizes since you'll be knitting with different weights of yarn. Here are the ones I have from Knit Picks.

5. Scissors

There's some yarn that is harder to break than others and scissors are amazing to keep in all of your notions pouches. You can purchase these little scissors anywhere for a very affordable price.

Here's the ones I have from Knit Picks that I purchased over 5 years ago.

6. Light Bulb Stitch markers

Lightbulb stitch markers are amazing since they can be used for both a progress keeper or a stitch marker. I love how they can come in all sorts of colors and can be used for any project. They are also very affordable and need to be in all of your project bags! You can purchase these anywhere from your local yarn shop, online yarn shops to amazon. I have the following ones from Knit Picks.

7. Needle tip protectors.

These are small tips that can help keep your stitches on your needles when you're not knitting on your project. I can't tell you how many times I've taken out my knitting project just to find my stitches were all over the place. I've also had time where my twins got into my knitting project bag just to "try" and knit like mommy only to have them take the stitches off my needles.

These are very inexpensive and can save you hours of picking up stitches!! Definitely one of my must haves!!

Many companies offer different types of needle tip protectors, I currently use the Knit Picks Small and Large size. I would recommend getting a few of each for all of your knitting projects.

8. Measuring tape

A measuring tape is a very inexpensive tool for you to purchase but it's extremely handy. I recommend getting a few of them for all your project bags. I don't know about you but I always seem to lose mine around my house, having extras comes in handy.

Almost any project you are knitting you have to either measure your gauge or how long you should be knitting the project. You can purchase these any where, I currently use the Knit Picks Tape Measure.

There you have it! My full list of my top 8 must have tools for knitters. Have I missed out on your must have item? Let me know below if you agree with my list or if you'd add any of your favourite notions.

Happy Knitting


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